[Mailman-Users] Unwanted headers in mail body

W. van Eis wop at quicknet.nl
Mon Nov 24 21:39:13 CET 2003

Subject: [Mailman-Users] Unwanted headers in mail body

Once agian.. somebody ??

> HI,
> I'm new to this list. Hope you can help me out.
> I'm running a mail list through a ISP, so i'm not the owner of the server
> and don't have acces to the Mailman host.
> But i've the following question; Some of our users recieve mails with
> complete headers in the body and the original message is messed up. And
> there's now sender visable. Could anyone tell me how to solve this
> I don't happens all the time on al the messages, but it's very irritating.
> Every help would be greatfull...
> Thanks in advance!
> Wop
> Running mailist on :  www.verenigdestaten.info ( dutch site )
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