[Mailman-Users] Easy Install Instructions for Mailman and (exim, postfix or sendmail)

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Tue Nov 25 20:11:56 CET 2003

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Mike Gifford wrote:
> I've got a pretty vanilla Red Hat install and am trying to get
> Mailman set up, but I'm stumbling on getting a mail program up
> running so that I can receive mail.

What version of Red Hat?  What version of Mailman?

> I've started to install exim (but their docs are overly
> complicated).  Sendmail & postfix were installed, but not properly
> configured.  I've heard about nightmares with sendmail configs.

In recent Red Hat installs, neither sendmail nor postfix are
configured by default to accept connections on anything other than the
local interface, AFAIK.  Postfix has an option, inet_interfaces, that
controls this.  Sendmail has a setting you can tweak in the
sendmail.mc file as well.

I'd go with Postfix over Sendmail.  It it pretty simple to setup and
it's integration with Mailman is excellent.  Once you get an MTA
running for your site, then install Mailman and read the README.{MTA}
file for that MTA from the Mailman tarball or rpm.

One note, if you have Red Hat 9, DO NOT use the RPM from there.  Get
an updated one, the stock Red Hat 9 rpm was borked in several annoying
ways that will just make your life more interesting that it needs to

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