[Mailman-Users] Easy Install Instructions for Mailman and (exim, postfix or sendmail)

Mike Gifford mike at openconcept.ca
Wed Nov 26 05:27:49 CET 2003

Howdy Todd,

> Mike Gifford wrote:
> > I've got a pretty vanilla Red Hat install and am trying to get
> > Mailman set up, but I'm stumbling on getting a mail program up
> > running so that I can receive mail.
> What version of Red Hat?  What version of Mailman?

RH 8.0 - upgraded with apt-get

> > I've started to install exim (but their docs are overly
> > complicated).  Sendmail & postfix were installed, but not properly
> > configured.  I've heard about nightmares with sendmail configs.
> In recent Red Hat installs, neither sendmail nor postfix are
> configured by default to accept connections on anything other than the
> local interface, AFAIK.  Postfix has an option, inet_interfaces, that
> controls this.  Sendmail has a setting you can tweak in the
> sendmail.mc file as well.

Tweaking only works if you know what to touch..  

Any pointers?

> I'd go with Postfix over Sendmail.  It it pretty simple to setup and
> it's integration with Mailman is excellent.  Once you get an MTA
> running for your site, then install Mailman and read the README.{MTA}
> file for that MTA from the Mailman tarball or rpm.

Ok..  well, I've got the source for exim (with make not quite working
yet), with sendmail & postfix set up as rpm's..

How do I activate postfix so that this is run..

> One note, if you have Red Hat 9, DO NOT use the RPM from there.  Get
> an updated one, the stock Red Hat 9 rpm was borked in several annoying
> ways that will just make your life more interesting that it needs to
> be.

I'd like a boring life and a simple install..  :)

I'll probably jump to Fedora in a bit..

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