[Mailman-Users] newsletter

Szederyesi Iosif jb at level7.ro
Wed Nov 26 20:15:09 CET 2003

I have a question regarding the functionality of the Mailman application...
Presuming this situation: I want to use Mailman for a newsletter on my site.
As an administrator, I can add a new user to the newsletter list. When I
want to send the weekly e-mail, I will send a single e-mail to the mailing
list, which will send the message to all subscribed users. I need to
configure Mailman to accept e-mails only from the administrator...so, the
subscribed users cannot send e-mail to the mailing list. Is this possible?
If yes, what should I set in the Mailman's configuration?
The Mailman is installed on the server where my site is hosted. I don't have
root access to install/modify anything on this server...
Thanks in advance,

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