[Mailman-Users] 2 questions about mailman

Damar Thapa, ICT Technician tech at kennedy.edu.hk
Fri Nov 28 01:00:07 CET 2003

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your very helpful answers; both answers were what I was trying to find.

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  On Thu, 27 Nov 2003 14:22 , Damar Thapa, ICT Technician <tech at kennedy.edu.hk> sent:

  >I just completed mailman installation under RH9.0, and seems it is working fine. While I go through the documentations, I would like to ask 
  the list the following questions:
  >1.    Not all our list users are capable of going to the list URL and subscribe to the list.  Can List Manager/Administrator simply put the list of 
  email addresses as subscribers? If possible,how and where it can be done?

  not sure what you are speaking of, can you rephrase..do you mean entering it in as one big list?  yes, mass subscrption

  >2.    As a school, we would like to keep some of our lists within our domain (subscriptions to be allowed only from our school email 
  addresses!).  Is it possible? 

  you can use regular expressions to limit the domain names that are allowed to subscribe (privacy options->subscription rules)

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