[Mailman-Users] Partial list mail delivery

Rod Neep rkpn at british-genealogy.com
Sat Nov 29 01:15:24 CET 2003

A really strange problem.... I wonder if anyone has seen anything 
similar, or can offer any clues.

(Mailman 2.1.1)

I have over a hundred mailing lists.

List members can all post OK to the list
The messages all appear in the archives for each list.


User A receives mail from some lists, but not from others
User B ditto (but not the same lists necessarily).

Therefore there is nothing wrong with the user's address or ISP.
The problem exists with hundreds of users, (but not all).

Some lists post messages out to all users
Some lists post messages out to *some* users
Some lists do not appear to post out any messages

There seems to be no reason, and no logic to the thing?

When a user doesn't receive list mail, unsubscribing, and then 
subscribing again doesn't make any difference.

Nothing has been changed in any configuration in MailMan, and no new 
lists have been added for a few months. Hard disks are nowhere near 
full. The problem began about a week ago.

Does anyone have any ideas??


Rod Neep
Archive CD Books : http://www.archivecdbooks.org
British-Genealogy: http://www.british-genealogy.com

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