[Mailman-Users] Partial list mail delivery

Rod Neep rkpn at british-genealogy.com
Sat Nov 29 17:41:57 CET 2003

I am still struggling with this problem.

Suggestions are still *very* welcome please.


In message <YsFpA+IcU+x$EAdE at neep.demon.co.uk>, Rod Neep 
<rkpn at british-genealogy.com> writes
>A really strange problem.... I wonder if anyone has seen anything 
>similar, or can offer any clues.
>(Mailman 2.1.1)
>I have over a hundred mailing lists.
>List members can all post OK to the list
>The messages all appear in the archives for each list.
>User A receives mail from some lists, but not from others
>User B ditto (but not the same lists necessarily).
>Therefore there is nothing wrong with the user's address or ISP.
>The problem exists with hundreds of users, (but not all).
>Some lists post messages out to all users
>Some lists post messages out to *some* users
>Some lists do not appear to post out any messages
>There seems to be no reason, and no logic to the thing?
>When a user doesn't receive list mail, unsubscribing, and then 
>subscribing again doesn't make any difference.
>Nothing has been changed in any configuration in MailMan, and no new 
>lists have been added for a few months. Hard disks are nowhere near 
>full. The problem began about a week ago.
>Does anyone have any ideas??

Rod Neep
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