[Mailman-Users] Re: Partial list mail delivery

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Sat Nov 29 18:50:24 CET 2003

Rod Neep wrote:
>List members can all post OK to the list
>The messages all appear in the archives for each list.
>User A receives mail from some lists, but not from others
>User B ditto (but not the same lists necessarily).
>Therefore there is nothing wrong with the user's address or ISP.
>The problem exists with hundreds of users, (but not all).

      What ISP's are affected?  ISP's and on-line mail systems like HotMail 
and Yahoo are all adding and changing systems to deal with spam, and 
Mailman list mail will get flagged as spam by many of these systems.  I 
know that by default both HotMail and Yahoo will direct list mail to the 
bulk or junk folder.  To make matters worse Yahoo's system has a bad habit 
of "forgetting" that a list has been identified as wanted mail.
      As far as I know all major systems will not block of move something 
like a password reminder, so have the users request such a reminder from 
any list they do not get mail from.  If they get that, it's probably a spam 
blocking issue.
      For Yahoo the best bet is to set up a filter rather than using their 
spam marking system.  Users who belong to more than one of your lists can 
set up to receive anything from your server and be done with it.

<>< Paul 

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