[Mailman-Users] qrunner

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Sun Nov 30 14:43:28 CET 2003

At 12:22 PM +0000 2003/11/30, John Poltorak wrote:

>  Is there any alternative to running qrunner via cron?

	In mailman 2.1.x, qrunner is not run via cron.  The qrunner 
processes are left continually running, separate from system 
facilities such as cron.

>  I am used to Majordomo which just sends outgoing mail straight through to
>  Sendmail and it gets sent out automatically as and when necessary.
>  Can I get Mailman to do this?


>  What I would like to do is avoid mail from being queued, or at least
>  process it as soon as it has arrived in the qfiles directory. Is there any
>  option for doing this?

	If the qrunner processes are working correctly, they should pick 
up the mail as quickly as it is available and deliver it to the MTA. 
This is a big improvement over the previous process of running 
qrunner via cron.

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