[Mailman-Users] global change to listinfo page?

Christopher Adams chris.a.adams at state.or.us
Wed Oct 1 21:37:14 CEST 2003

Is there a way to make a global edit to the listinfo page? I know that I can
make list-specific edits, but I would like to edit the existing default
template. I have looked in the /templates directory and in the Defaults.py
file. I see that there is a listinfo.html template. However, the part I want
to edit comes at the very end, the part about getting a password reminder,
unsubscribing, etc. is the part I want to work on. That does not appear to
be editable from this file.

Please enlighten

Christopher Adams
Library Systems Analyst
Oregon State Library
503-378-4243  x258
chris.a.adams at state.or.us

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