[Mailman-Users] umbrella lists

Jen Schneider j_schneider at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 17 17:57:05 CEST 2003

Hi - 

My host provider includes one Mailman list as part of my email package.  However, their site control interface doesn't provide much by way of help for list owners, so I'm wondering if you can assist me.

I'm interested in umbrella lists, which is mentioned briefly in the Mailman documentation, but not elaborated on.  What I want to do is this: 

Right now I'm managing multiple lists on my own (using Outlook).  I keep subscribers to my website in separate lists because my group emails are sometimes relevant only to certain lists - for example, I have a press list and a customer list and, in cases when I want to send out a press piece, I want to avoid sending it to my press list, who may have already seen it.  So I send it to customerlist at mydomain.com.  In other cases, I might send a more general group email to customerlist at mydomain.com, as well as presslist at mydomain.com.  You get the idea.

I'd like to use the Mailman feature on my account to manage my lists in a similar way, but I'm only allotted one free Mailman list with my account.  Is it possible, perhaps using an umbrella list, to accomplish something like this - a parent list with constituent lists that can be included and excluded from mailings on a case-by-case basis - using only one Mailman list?

I appreciate your time in reading this and look forward to your response.



Jennifer Schneider
j_schneider at earthlink.net

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