[Mailman-Users] full name from the command line

Casella, Richard A rac at bnl.gov
Fri Oct 17 23:04:04 CEST 2003

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> 2.  If you mean that you want to create a file with lists of names to 
> use for "add_member", etc., then I recommend using the 
> following format:
> User First Middle and Last Name <emailaddress at domain.tld>

This is exactly what I mean, I am using a file. I couldn't find
any documentation supporting full name so I was using email address

I just tried it, it works fine.

I wrote a mail filter so I could support subscription management by
email of info-only lists. This will enable us to get completely off
listproc for those users who would not give up this functionality.

Thanks a bunch, 

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