[Mailman-Users] mailman migration

Fabrice Barbarin fabrice.barbarin at motorola.com
Fri Oct 31 16:34:15 CET 2003


I was currently using mailman 2.0.13.
This system was deployed into /home/mailman directory.
I redeploy a new server in mandrake 9.2 I use the package mailman-2.1.2.
The current install is in /var/lib/mailman.

How can I import my previous mailing list configuration and archive from 
mailman 2.0.13 to my new mailman version?
I created symbolic links for /list and /archive to my previous version. But I 
didn't see previous mailinglists. Is there anything else that I should do?



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Fabrice Barbarin   Fabrice.Barbarin at motorola.com
System Engineer    Motorola Centre de Recherche - Paris

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