[Mailman-Users] Subscribers can't subscribe

Tom Hanna tph3 at cornell.edu
Wed Sep 3 01:17:51 CEST 2003

This is a newbie question, fersher.
Last week, on the foobah list I manage, people signed up just fine.
This week, all sign-ups go to bit heaven.  When one tries to sign up, 
one is notifiewd:

Your subscription request has been received, and will soon be acted 
upon. Depending on the configuration of this mailing list, your 
subscription request may have to be first confirmed by you via email, 
or approved by the list moderator. If confirmation is required, you 
will soon get a confirmation email which contains further 

When I subscribe thew same person via admin tools, the result is 
"Successfully subscribed:
bozo at anyplace.com

But that goes to bit heaven as well...

So I went in and tried other lists -- with a safe addresss -- an low 
and behold -- all subscriptions -- "subscriber" or "admin" go to bit 

any guidance?


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