[Mailman-Users] bypassing sending out the 'you have been subscribed' messages on mass subscriptions

George Booth G.Booth at usm.edu
Mon Sep 8 20:26:45 CEST 2003

If you're adding them through the web interface, there's a radio button just 
above the entry field; just click the one that says 'no' for 'Send welcome 
message to this batch?'. If you're doing it throught he command line with 
the 'add_members' command, there's this option:

    -w <y|n>
        set whether or not to send the list members a welcome message,
        overriding whatever the list's `send_welcome_msg' setting is.

Just type 'add_members -h' at the command line to get the help message for 
it. :)

If you're doing something other than these two options, hopefully someone else 
will have an answer. :)



Quoting Jonathan Vanasco <jvanasco at mastersofbranding.com>:

> i'm moving over a nightclub announcement list over to mailman ( he's 
> got 1400 subscribers he's been bcc'ing every week )
> i'd like to make the mail change transparent to users -- ie, not send 
> out the 'you have been subscribed' messages from the mass subscription 
> entry.
> there doesn't seem to be an option to do this.  short of turning off 
> exim for 20minutes and manually deleting items from the queue, does 
> anybody know where in the source i can adjust things?
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