[Mailman-Users] Mailman for broadcasting e-mail campaigns (?)

DZ-Jay dz at caribe.net
Thu Sep 11 22:05:45 CEST 2003

	I'm a developer/sysadmin at a catalog retailer.  My employer sends 
regular e-mail marketing campaigns to its clients (not a traditional 
mailing list, but bulk advertising mail -- strictly opt-in, btw!).  They 
are too cheap to implement an enterprise e-mail marketing system so at the 
moment they are using what can accurately be described as a "spammer's 
tool" to send mass e-mail (I think its called "GroupMail" by Aureate or 
something).  All bounces are handled manually by some monkey guy in the 
cust-serv dept.  Anyway, I thought I could save some time and effort by 
automating some of the process and was wondering if Mailman could be used 
for my purposes.

Currently, our most immediate requirements are:
0. one way e-mail broadcasting -- not traditional mailing lists.
1. ability to personalize e-mails (I already know mailman can do this)
2. our mailing list lives in our enterprise server (HP300 ugh!) and 
address lists are generated on a campaign basis, based on sales, 
demographics and other criteria, so I need to be able to import the 
address list into mailman every time we are going to mail.
3. automatic handling of bounces (I'm sure mailman does this)
4. ability to export failed addresses in order to clean our enterprise 
server's e-mail database.
5. customizable auto-responder for those idiots that hit reply even though 
the campaign says "Do not reply to this message, blah blah blah..."
6. Offer some sort statistics on success/failed deliveries and mailing 

I would appreciate if any of you can tell me if Mailman can do these 

	Thanx in advance! :)

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