[Mailman-Users] Some posts are never received by email even though they go right into the archives

Mark Lohaus lmark at cires.colorado.edu
Thu Sep 11 02:26:39 CEST 2003

I have been using Mailman successfully for 2 years now.
We are currently having a problem: Not all posts are going though.  They 
are not being held up for any rule violations (like size, sender, 
etc).  All the posts go directly into the archives, but MANY do not get 
sent out as email (but some do).  I just sent a test and it came though 
right away, even though we are still waiting for many others posted earlier 
than that to go though (I am a regular list member--not an admin).  Once 
again, I know these posts are accepted by Mailman because they are in the 
Can anyone help?


Mark Lohaus
Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
1333 Grandview, 488 UCB
Boulder, CO  80309-0488

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