[Mailman-Users] Mails vanished

Michael Weber mweber at hitwin.com
Fri Sep 12 09:38:31 CEST 2003

(post this in mailman listowners before but here seems to be the right 

Hi there,

i am a little bit confused with a more technical problem. Hopefully that
anyone have an idea:

A User try to write a Mail to the List with Outlook CWS with MIME
without any Encoding. Those Mails vanished. In the postfix Log there are

Sep 11 14:27:41 p15141869 postfix/smtpd[27328]: connect from unknown[his IP]

Sep 11 14:27:41 p15141869 postfix/smtpd[27328]: BED942041D9:
client=unknown[his IP]

Sep 11 14:27:41 p15141869 postfix/cleanup[27325]: BED942041D9:
message-id=<9562C6329D63CB429272BE2721C804E26176 at wherever.com>

Sep 11 14:27:41 p15141869 postfix/qmgr[13059]: BED942041D9: from=<his
mailadress>, size=1696, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

Sep 11 14:27:41 p15141869 postfix/smtpd[27328]: disconnect from
unknown[his IP]

Sep 11 14:27:42 p15141869 postfix/local[27326]: BED942041D9:
to=<i-worker at cyagency.de>, relay=local, delay=1, status=sent
("|/usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post i-worker")

but those Mails never came in. So the Mails came in, are piped to
mailman and then... pffft.... So i try to find them in the mailman Logs:

Sep 11 14:25:23 2003 (7969) post to i-worker from xxxx at xxxxxx.xx,
size=2421, success
Sep 11 14:33:44 2003 (7969) post to i-worker from xxx at xxxxxxx.xx,
size=4377, success

Jupp... no mail at 14:27,:28,:29 or whenever. A grep in all mailman Logs
results in:


Real confused i get as the same User wrote his Mails with MIME UUENCODE
those Mails came trough but... well... here are the first two Lines :-)

begin 666 ATT00122.htm
M/"%$3T-465!%($A434P at 4%5"3$E#("(M+R]7,T,O+T141"!(5$U,(#,N,B\O
M14XB/@T*/$A434P^#0H\2$5!1#X-"CQ-151!($A45% M15%5258](D-O;G1E

Not realy readable...

So I have to ask:

Where have the Mails gone? Is there any other Log to grep to gather
information? The normal Linux logfiles under /var/log contains no
information. This all happens with mailman 2.1.1-46 (SuSE RPM) on SuSE 8.1.

Patches installed: only RSS

Michael Weber

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