[Mailman-Users] Open Port Question

Staven Bruce Staven.Bruce at valleyair.org
Mon Sep 15 19:33:10 CEST 2003

I just did a scan on my list server and I noticed that in addition to port
25 and 80, port 111, 443, 515, 6000 and 32768 were open. Now from what I
understand, the breakdown is as follows:

111 - SUN RPC

443 - TLS/SSL

515 - Spooler

6000 - X Windows

32768 - Filenet TMS

My list server is in a DMZ behind a firewall, so only ports 80 and 25 are
open to the outside world. What I am wondering is, should/can I close a
couple of these other ports without incident? Is there a security concern


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Subject:	[Mailman-Users] Re: How do I Change Formatting??

Krapmeister wrote:
>Can anyone tell me how to change the text formatting of my information 
>page for my mailman list?
>Whenever I change fonts simply by using <font> commands or using style 
>sheets and <div> commands the subscribe command doesn't work..
>Is it possible to change teh formatting?? If so how??

      CSS do not work on Mailman pages, although I think someone has a 
patch that will allow it.  Check the archives.  I have made limited used 
font statements without a problem, but not on the information page.  The 
tags on that page insert text and forms, and putting them within a font 
statement may crash them, I don't know.  Or maybe it will work as long as 
you nest them correctly.  But even if it does not crash the form, it may 
well not affect the text that is generated by the tags.  I suppose you 
could hack the code to change the tags, but that's getting pretty deep.

<>< Paul 

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