[Mailman-Users] Please help...

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Sep 16 02:14:30 CEST 2003

If no one is willing to hold your hand on this, then you might want to
look through the archives of the list. This has been discussed in detail
over the years here.  Some folks have gotten it to work - though the
automation part is totally up to you.

If nothing else, the archives will point out the folks that have worked
on this problem in the past, which should give you a touch-stone of
folks to email directly.

On a lark, I just did a quick search on the Courier-users list and found
a few nice threads from folks who installed Mailman with Courier and
have written some nice scripts to automate the list creations...

> Hi,
> I posted a question earlier today about how to
> convert/import existing mailing lists into mailman... and
> also about using courier mta... can someone help me out?
> ============================================================================
> I use the courier mta and was wondering if there are any
> existing scripts to adapt to mailman to work with courier?
> Can I create new lists off the web interface and have it
> automatically work with courier?
> Also, how do I "port" users from other lists into mailman? I
> have a number of existing mailing lists that I wanted to
> move over to mailman. Can I simply import a file containing
> member addresses?
> Thanks
> Ricardo
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