[Mailman-Users] monster created! untangling many lists with many subscribers?

David Morgado david.nospam at netcabo.pt
Mon Sep 22 20:59:51 CEST 2003

Well I'm new with mailman, but I think the best you can do is create a 
list for each different categories and then create umbrella lists with 
the different permutation you need.
It's the best I can think of., perhaps someone with far more experience 
than me can help...
Good luck :-)

Steve Sweet wrote:

>We've been using mailman for several months now, and both we (the
>administrators) and they (the users) have been happy with it.  So much so in
>fact, that we have now been asked to create so many different lists its become
>an administrative nightmare.  I'm hoping someone more experienced will have
>suggestions on how to tame the monster we've created.
>We're running mailing lists for one school within a university.  The school has
>several hundred subscribers (personnel) split amongst faculty, staff and
>students, a number of different institutes and programs, all spread over 6
>different geographic locations.  There are members of each institute at each
>location.  There are members of each program at each location, and within each
>institute.  Each location, institute and program has faculty, staff, and students.
>We have been asked to create a list for essentially every different permutation;
> all faculty, all faculty at location A, all faculty at location A in program B,
>all faculty at location A in institute B and program C, all staff ... you get
>the point.
>This is an enormous mess of lists and keeping up with them is tedious and time
>consuming.  Relying on the users to adminster themselves helps somewhat -- the
>students are generally good at it -- but the staff are not and the faculty are
>hopeless.  The administration has been clear that we need to make sure the list
>memberships are kept up to date since vital notices go out via the lists.
>Any suggestions before I pull whats left of my hair out?
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