[Mailman-Users] Wrong host name

Michael D. Hensley mhensley at gofcc.org
Mon Sep 22 23:55:24 CEST 2003

Using the information John Carnes posted (thanks!) I got mailman up and
running on RedHat 9.0.

I have one problem left. At some point, I was going to name the server
"listserver.gofcc.org". However, I already had it set up in DNS, etc.,
as "intranet.gofcc.org", so I decided to stick with that.

But, somewhere, it thinks it is "listserver.gofcc.org". What I means is,
the headers in email messages sent by mailman include (among many
others, of course):

  From: <analog-news-request at listserver.gofcc.com>
  Reply-To: <analog-news-request at listserver.gofcc.com>
  Sender: <analog-news-bounces at listserver.gofcc.com>
  Errors-To: analog-news-bounces at listserver.gofcc.com
  Return-Path: <analog-news-bounces at intranet.gofcc.org>

I've been grep'ing around in /var/mailman to find out where this is
configured, with no luck. Any suggestions/hints/clues/etc.?

Thanks again! The responses I've gotten on this list have been very
friendly and helpful!

Michael D. Hensley
IT Supervisor
Fremont Community Church

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