[Mailman-Users] Showing list of user's subscriptions

John DeCarlo jdecarlo at mitre.org
Wed Sep 24 20:28:39 CEST 2003


1.  Users having passwords or not is irrelevant to your question as I 
understand it.  After all, you are going to determine the security of 
the processes you use to display the information.

2.  Mailman web pages, CGI scripts, etc. do similar things to what you 
want.  In fact, a user can get to a Mailman web page that tells him/her 
all the lists subscribed to (although getting there requires the user to 
enter the Mailman password).


3.  For you to output something similar, you would have to figure out 
how Mailman does it and modify to your tastes.


Have one or more of your web pages simply run a script similar to 
<mailman-dir>/bin/find_member passing the email address to it.  That 
script returns a list of all the lists that email address is subscribed 
to.  Security is then up to you.  Formatting, too.

Rob LeVine wrote:

> Hi,
> Here's my deal:  I run a social site that has the need for very low security mailing lists.  I am currently using MailMan 2.1.2 and I've read, yet not implemented, FAQ 1.5 that discusses turing off the password requirement.  Assuming I can successully complete that, what are the chances that when a user site logs in to my site (not into Mailman), meaning I know what his email address is I can show him what lists he's subscribed to without having him having to go to the MailMan user options page?
> Example: User logs into my site and with his email address I fetch a list of subscribed mailing lists and show that list to the user.
> Second. related question, if I can't successfully implement removing the passwords (my web hoster is somewhat inflexible), what if Iset all of my user's passwords to be the same thing and then try to get the list of subscribed lists?
> Make sense?  Possible?


John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own

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