[Mailman-Users] disable set options

jsingh jsingh at fdu.edu
Thu Apr 1 22:06:58 CEST 2004

I don't want to take away the users ability to post to the list, just don't
want them to have the ability to personalize their mailing list settings

ACK on

Digest off

Delivery off

I don't want to let them do this.




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At 02:50 PM 4/1/2004, you wrote:

Is there a way by which I can turn off the user's ability for set options. I
would like for them to have the ability to retrieve his/her password , run
who or unsubscribe but besides that I want no user intervention. Is this
possible ?

If you don't want them to post to the List, you can simply set the tab to
Mod for each individual. There's a tab to do that throughout. Then you can
go back and uncheck the tabs for yourself and any other moderators.

They can still, of course, Reply to you.

 - Dan

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