[Mailman-Users] Automatically rejecting posts by non-members

LuKreme kremels at kreme.com
Sun Apr 11 18:28:05 CEST 2004

On Apr 10, 2004, at 3:20 PM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> We are currently locked into Mailman 2.0.6 until we upgrade our server.
> One of our list owners who runs a moderated list would like to be able
> to reject all posts from non-members automatically so the only things
> that hit the pending requests are subscription requests and posts by
> legitimate members

Yeah, join the club.

> Is there a filter available similar to the MIME strippers or
> Has someone patched Mailman to do something like this?
> Is there a built-in filter in 2.1.x.

2.1 has a built in mime-filter and can strip mime attachaments and 
convert HTML to text.

There is a method to deal with the admin queue in the FAQ, iirc, but it 
is fugly (it involves running a cron that wipes out the admin db and 
replaces it with a "clean" copy.

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