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In message <000801c4206a$408f4590$0100a8c0 at study>, Sokk 
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>Your product has been recommended to me, I hope you will be able to 
>answer my, no doubt naive, questions. Thank you.
>I am in involved in my daughter's school Parents and Citizens 
>Association - a volunteer, not for profit organisation.
> To get info out to all parents we have a hotmail email address that 
>we've been using. When we started there were only a few dozen addresses 
>so it was fine but as the list of names increases the limitations of 
>Hotmail are obvious.
>We have a mailing list of around 300 and it could grow to around 800. 
>We send a weekly "what's on" plus minutes of various meetings once or 
>twice a month.
>Hotmail restricts
>  a..  the number of emails sent in a 24 hr period,
>  b.. the number of addresses you can have per group
>  c.. the size of the email
>  d.. attachments etc
>plus it is not a particularly user friendly system, all understandable 
>with a basic free service. Upgrades, which you pay for don't really 
>seem to help.
>Our needs are for a system that will:
>  a.. Allow a mail out to a large number of addresses
>  b.. Not unreasonably restrict size ( ours aren't that big!)
>  c.. Most importantly - keep email addresses and personal information 
>  d.. Not taken over by spammers.
>We don't have a webpage nor do we want one ( we piggy back on the 
>school's webpage).
>Could you advise whether Mailman might be the answer and what is involved.

Kathy... Mailman is the *perfect* solution for what you require. You 
could have either (or both):
1. a news announcement mailing list (posts out only)
2. a discussion mailing list (two way posts)

Setting it up is not for the feint hearted though, and you might well be 
advised to use the services of an ISP that does it regularly. (Unless 
you are prepared to set up your own mail server). One thing that you 
will need, right from the start, is a domain name for your organisation 
so that the mailing list has an address such as:
newsletter at myorganisation.org

Rod Neep
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