[Mailman-Users] Email filtering

texas critter texascritter at ditb.net
Tue Apr 13 17:21:54 CEST 2004

MLMPros wrote:

> I have set my cpanel mail account to :fail: at mlmpros.biz for all
> addresses not specifically listed.

That's only for mail sent TO non-existent email addresses at your domain.
It does not check the From address on mail sent to you or your lists.

If mail is addressed TO your mailing list, then that's a valid email
address and it will get delivered to your list.  Then Mailman looks to see
who it's from and checks your list settings to see if it should be accepted
or discarded or held for your approval.

> My mailing list address is
> startpagedepot at mlmpros.biz . I am receiving numerous virus and spam
> emails with varrying addresses such as pot at mlmpros.biz,
> epot at mlmpros.biz, depot at mlmpros.biz, etc.

It's a common spammer trick to use your own domain in the From address to
evade spam filters.  Viruses also spoof any domain they find on the
infected computers.  Spammers also send viruses to attempt to infect more
computers and use them as spam proxies.

> These emails are delivered to
> the list administrator as posts by a non-member to a members only list.
> WHY? They are not legitimate addresses.

Mailman can't verify if they are legitimate addresses, it can only check
your list settings to see if they're members or if they pass other posting
filters such as non-member addresses allowed to post, etc.

You can set your list to discard postings from non-members.  Go to Privacy
Options > Sender Filters and for "Action to take for postings from
non-members for which no explicit action is defined", select Discard and
click the Submit Your Changes button.  Then all those spam and viruses will
be automatically discarded and you won't see them.

texas critter

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