[Mailman-Users] Another hard coded page in mailman?

Thomas M. Parris parris at isciences.com
Tue Apr 20 17:55:30 CEST 2004


I think I've run into another hardcoded page in mailman.  This time it is
the overview page of listinfo (http://host/mailman/listinfo/).  Last time it
was the login page for the "user options" page (http://host/options/<list>).

Am I missing something here?  The other pages are so nicely templated.  It
seems a shame to hard code these pages.  Is this an oversight in the current
version of mailman that will be fixed?  Are there other hardcoded pages that
I will run accross sometime soon?

I suppose I could hack the code to customize for my purposes ... but then
the next version of mailman comes down the pike and I've lost that work.

I suppose I could also hack at the code to use templates and submit the
patch ..., but that would be months away before I could find the time.  From
the looks of things, a person famimlar with mailman internals could template
these pages fairly quickly.

-- Tom

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