[Mailman-Users] usenet news <-> mailman gateway config question

peter at phmb.biz peter at phmb.biz
Wed Apr 21 00:11:24 CEST 2004

> texas critter - mailman-users wrote:
>> I have - at least I'm able to get the newsgroup posts sent to my list
>> and
>> out to my list members, I'm still working on getting posts to the list
>> to
>> the newsgroup.
> I spoke too soon, my test post showed up in the newsgroup so it's all
> working fine, posts sent to the list are going thru to the newsgroup,
> posts
> to the newsgroups are being received by the list!
> (I'm on v2.1.3 thru cPanel.)
That is excellent news - thank you for letting me know!

Just one question: Where do you run gate_news?

My ISP has copied gate_news to /etc/cron.hourly so that cron can run it
each hour. There are no errors in the cron logs, no output at all,
actually, which should be good news. However it is not picking up messages
from the newsgroup - I haven't had it pick up one yet.

I'm hoping that the global python parameters are set so that it can pick
up the correct home directory - I'd have expected errors if it didn't.

My thought had been to provide a wrapper to put in /etc/cron.hourly that
cd's to the mailman home directory and runs gate_news from there. Is that
likely to help?

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