[Mailman-Users] Using Topic Configuration Selection of Names

Mark Cranford cranford at allstream.net
Sun Apr 25 17:27:41 CEST 2004


I tried to post this to a Mailman list-owner list (LO at listowner.org) a
couple of days ago.

I'm the list owner of birding watch list in Ontario. Our host is
community outreach network and our software is Mailman 2.1.1.

Has anyone used the Topic option?  I've been unable to locate (google
searches etc) any documentation. 

I'm thinking that I can search the subject header and first couple of
lines of a message for matches from a list of bird names (some could
be two or three words) placed in the regexp section. 

Mark Cranford
Ontbirds List-Owner
cranford  AT allstream DOT  net
Mississauga,  Ontario

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