[Mailman-Users] Re: How does Mailman compare with YahooGroups?

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Tue Apr 27 19:18:24 CEST 2004

Chris Barnes said the following on 4/27/2004 12:47 PM:

>prodos at prodos.com wrote:
>>Would anyone on this list care to offer a comparison?
>>Or, if you are an ex-YahooGroups user, say why you changed
>>to Mailman? Or, if you know of an already existing comparison
>>online somewhere, perhaps you could send me the URL.
>For pure mailing list capabilities, MM (and other "real mailing list
>managers" such as Lsoft's Listserv, majordomo, etc) have Yahoo groups
>beat hands down.
>* no advertising (some of which is of less than acceptable topics for
>lists my kids get!)
>* Better response time (depending on your connection)
>But if you are enamored with the extra features in yahoogroups such as
>the calendar, file sharing, etc - you might be disappointed.  None of
>these others have any of that.  Just as well since I hate those things
Yes--if you're looking for community-based mailing lists, MM will not
do... I've toyed with writing something around MM to more emulate the
YahooGroups functionality that way, as A) I _was_ a user of those
features B) People I know who run groups on Yahoo, haven't taken me up
on my offer of hosting on my server, because MM *doesn't* offer
calendars, integrated web-posting, et cetera, that they actively use.on
Yahool. Unfortunately, it's the old axiom: It's a Simple Matter of
Programming. Now to only find the _time_ to do that programming. :-/


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