[Mailman-Users] Re: How does Mailman compare with YahooGroups?

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Wed Apr 28 02:49:44 CEST 2004

prodos at prodos.com said the following on 4/27/2004 8:35 PM:

>>Yes--if you're looking for community-based mailing lists, MM will not
>Will NOT do?
>Hmm ... okay.
If you look at what people _use_ Yahoogroups for, it's not just for a 
mailing list in general--it's being used to schedule get togethers, keep 
track of members' birthdays, et cetera. Mailman doesn't do all that (at 
least, not efficiently, unless you count some poor schmuck being stuck 
with the duties of emailing the whole list every week/month/etc to keep 
everyone up to date ;) ). And, from the past comments I've seen on the 
subject, it's not something that interests the dev team (and that's 
fine.. no one said they had to find it interesting .. I'm just 
mentioning it as this subject has been brought up in the past...

>Maybe a future version of Mailman will offer some of those functions.
See above :)

>Thanks for your comments.


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