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texas critter texascritter at emaillist-managers.com
Fri Apr 30 17:20:29 CEST 2004

Rob Hackney wrote:

> Does the silence on the query below mean

D) You asked several very broad questions that require more than 30 seconds
to answer.

> send out html formatted emails to a list of subscribed users

Mailman can do that.

> disallow replies to the from email address.

I don't think Mailman can do that, the From address will be whatever you
set it to when sending your messages to the list.  So it depends on whether
that email address exists in your mail server.

There is no posting feature in Mailman, the way that you post messages to
the mailing list is to send an email to the list address.

> create an auto unsub

Can you be more specific?  I'm not sure what you're looking for...

If you're wanting a customized unsub link at the bottom of each email, then
you'll need to turn on VERP in Mailman and turn on personalization on that
list.  You'll also need to add the proper link code to the message footer,
I don't have that info, but searching the list's archives will most likely
turn up that info.  And you can get more info about VERP and
personalization in the Mailman FAQ.  There's links to the Mailman FAQ and
the list archives at the bottom of every list message.

> manage bounces/ non-deliverables

Mailman does this.

> I'd like to be able to track the messages tho this isn't strictly
> necessary.

Track what?  Track delivery?  Track opening the email?  Track clicking on

Mailman doesn't have any specific tracking features, delivery can be logged
by your mail server, you can use html things to track whether users open
the email and/or click on links.

> My main concern is sending out the emails and making sure that
> this isn't an address to reply to.

You can configure your email program to send from whatever address you
want, it can be an invalid address on your domain.

> One other thing:  this will need to work on a network which currently
> has an ms exch server handling out two domains; dom1.co.uk dom2.co.uk It
> is vital that the email comes from newsletters at dom2.co.uk This is
> currently an exch mailbox. thanks

I can't help with that, I know nothing about exchange.  But if you set up
Mailman with that domain and set your email program to send your message
from an email address on that domain and if your exchange server will
handle outgoing mail on that domain, then it'll work.

> This email is confidential and intended solely for the use of the
> individual(s) to whom it is addressed.

This kind of footer is rather silly on mailing lists. This list is archived
publicly so there's no confidentiality whatever.  :)

texas critter

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