[Mailman-Users] Deleting/pruning archives

Anoetic Concepts Admin at AnoeticConcepts.com
Sun Aug 8 05:13:03 CEST 2004

I need to reduce the size of some of my list archives.  Am I correct
that it is the archives that reside in the directory at

It seems there are 2 directories associated with each list.  One is in
the format:
and the other is in the format:

Both of these directories seem to have email messages in them; they
seem to be in one file in the mbox directory.  What is the
function/purpose of the contents in these directories?  Can any of the
contents of either directory be removed without impacting the proper
functioning of Mailman?

If some can be removed but not all, please tell me what I can and
cannot remove.  I do not want to break any of the lists or Mailman

Also, I'm seeing a few directories for domains which have been removed
from the server.  Why were these directories not removed when the
accounts were deleted?  Is it safe to entirely remove the directories?

All help is appreciated.

Anoetic Concepts

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