[Mailman-Users] BIG discard problem

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Wed Aug 11 18:37:12 CEST 2004

At 11:50 AM -0400 2004-08-11, Robert Echlin wrote:

>  So I deleted the mailman/data/heldmsg-yourlistname-*.pck files - and I had
>  to delete them in stages, as the infamous  "Argument list too long" message
>  bit me.

	In these kinds of cases, what you can usually do is something like this:

		# cd $MAILMAN_HOME/data
		# find . -name heldmsg-yourlistname\*.pck -print | xargs rm

	And that will do the job for you.  Of course, the "#" prompt 
means to do this as the root user, and you want to make sure you 
include the backslash before the asterisk so that the shell doesn't 
try to interpret the wildcard, and instead passes that to find.  Read 
the man page on xargs to see how it's used.

>  And now I tried again and it timed out again after another 15 minutes.
>  What next?

	As for that, I wish I could be of assistance.

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