[Mailman-Users] Subscribing to Multiple Lists Simultaneously

Russell Mann tech at khouse.org
Thu Aug 12 00:44:49 CEST 2004


Thanks for the help on the template question.  Next thing I want to do is
allow the users to subscribe to multiple lists from one signup page.  The
reason is we don't want our customers to have to go through more hoops just
to get our information!

I see a couple questions on the list posted about this, but no one appears
to have been replied to yet.  If this isn't possible, please at least reply
to let me know that!

If there is a command-list email option, that would work, such as:

Emaillistname-subscribe at host.com where the From info is parsed to effect the
signup.  It's easy to write a perl form to take an inputted email address
and send to the subscribe address.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Russell Mann

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