[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.5 and virtualdomains and/or subdomains

Konrad Mauz kmauz at fh-konstanz.de
Mon Aug 16 13:03:31 CEST 2004


I'm trying to setting up mailman and having trouble with virtualdomains
and subdomains.

I need a listing name schema of:

xyz at a.fh-konstanz.de
xyz at b.fh-konstanz.de
xyz at c.fh-konstanz.de

and so on.

but I can only have "one" xyz list, since the domainname is not part of
the "listname"

My first workaround was:

xyz at a.fh-konstanz.de is a-xyz at fh-konstanz.de and maps with sendmails
virtusers and aliases database. Then I change the preferred hostname in
the list configuration to a.fh-konstanz.de, but the sender adress is
now a-xyz at a.fh-konstanz.de.

Is there a better way to handle lists with equal names but different
domain/subdomain names?

With kind regards,

Konrad Mauz Rechenzentrum Fachhochschule                                       
Braunegger-Strasse 55, D 78462 Konstanz                                         
e-mail: kmauz at fh-konstanz.de                                                    
Tel.:   +49(0)7531-206-472                                                      

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