[Mailman-Users] easy footer question...

Nathan K. Stazewski nstazew1 at swarthmore.edu
Thu Aug 19 20:43:20 CEST 2004

First time poster, short time reader.  I just inherited a Mailman
Listserv for a college, and am pretty clueless to any of the inner
workings (it's running on a Mac OS X, and although I was a Computer
Science major, I NEVER use Macs).  Anywho, the emails it sends out
always have a very helpful "List-Id:, List-Unsubcribe, List-Archive,
etc. in the header section.  I can't find anywhere what is causing this
to appear in the header, and am VERY interested in having that
information placed in the footer (as 99% of my readers don't see the
headers automatically in their email programs).  Could someone please
send an example or generic code for how I would get those header items
into the footer.  Thanks in advance.

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