[Mailman-Users] Delete posting without shell access

John W. Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Tue Aug 24 20:45:09 CEST 2004

On 8/24/2004 10:51, "Jeff Barger" <jeff at look.net> wrote:

> On Aug 24, 2004, at 1:36 PM, Glenn Black wrote:
>> I have read the posting about deleting postings and running the
>> re-archive function.  Unfortunately, I don't have shell access on my
>> virtual hosted server for security reasons.  Getting host server
>> personnel to do it is impossible ("we don't do that, you have to self
>> manage.").  Is there no other way than delete the entire maillist &
>> start all over?
> How are you supposed to 'self manage' _anything_ w/o shell access?

I think there is little choice for the future but to make more of the
bin/xxx capabilities, and archive management, available by means other than
shell access.

Shell access is increasingly hard to get from providers; at the same time,
running mailing lists on personal-type connections is increasingly
hard...and is becoming hard on small business connections as well.

So list services providers need to be able to make things like "remove this
message from the archive" and many other things available to the list
managers directly, rather than the way we do it ($75 per hour for "special
engineering services").


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