[Mailman-Users] WishList Items (Forced Msg from Digest, Confirm. of Approval)

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Thu Aug 26 17:56:22 CEST 2004

The items below have come up lately as things we'd like to be able to do
with our mailman setup. I'm open to any alternative suggestions, hacks or

One of my biggest mailman lists is used to broadcast messages to our
entire student body. The list contains approximately ~5500 non-digest
members and is posted to many times a day during the school year. While
load induced from delivering ~5500 local messages hasn't caused a big
problem yet (using exim-4.34/exican/clamav/spamassassin on solaris 9), I
do "notice" everytime a message is sent to the list and a quick mailq
confirms this one list driving my load up. When students return this
weekend and the college gets back into full swing, I know we'll see more
messages both to the list and in general, and I'd rather not have this
list pounding my machine several times a day.

The department that is responsible for the list is leary of making all the
members of the list digest members, in case an important message needs to
be sent immeadiately. Even though we have a non-digested emergency "911"
list synchronized with the same recipients, they have no desire to use it.
If the list members were all set to digest members and the list owner had
the capability to force out an individual message immeadiately instead of
when the digest ran, they could deal with having most messages go out in a
digest. Pipe dream?


The head of our department periodically sends out email to mailing lists
for each of our residence halls on campus. All the lists are set up to
hold messages from non-list members. Not being a list member, she can't
tell if/when the message has been approved. Is there any way to set up an
existing mailman (2.1.5) install to send her acknowledgements of if/when
her messages were approved without adding her as a member?


While more of a SSH issue than a mailman issue, perhaps someone here has
run across this issue and can help me out. I would like to set up a
cronjob on a remote machine to periodically scp a bunch of files *to* my
mailman machine with key based authentication. The key based
authentication fails because of the setgid bit on mailman's home
directory. I realize I could either 'pull' the files from the remote
machine or set up an additional user for the remote scp user to use when
scp-ing in, but neither of these solutions is optimal. Is there a better

Thanks in advance,

Mark T. Valites
Unix Systems Analyst
Computing & Information Technology
SUNY Geneseo
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