[Mailman-Users] No address associated with nodename

macblaze macblaze at mac.com
Thu Aug 26 23:52:55 CEST 2004

Hello all...

I'm just in the process of testing our new OS X G5 Server before bringing it
online. I've got some very basic questions as I am new to all of this cmd
line stuff.

Server's name: XBrain
Domain: HOLES
internet domain: holesonline.com

I am trying to set up Mailman to test it out and am getting no mail and the
following messages:
Delivery failure Log:
 delivery to test-owner at HOLESONLINE.COM failed with code -1

Delivery Log:
Aug 26 15:40:16 2004 (19871) All recipients refused: (7, 'No address
associated with nodename')
Aug 26 15:40:16 2004 (19871)
<mailman.5.1093556416.19869.test at HOLESONLINE.COM> smtp for 1 recips,
completed in 0.025 seconds

I've edited the mm_cfg.py file to include:
MTA = 'Postfix'
and also tried <holesonline.com> as the email host. Right now the MX records
for holesonline.com resolve to an external mail server and I suspect that is
the issue here. In the mailing list I have bruce at holesonline.com and bruce
@ as member and both can receive mail from OS X's Postfix server.

I need to get a clearer idea of where to edit the config to allow mail to go

 Any suggestions or resources I should check? ( I checked the FAQs but they
seem to be more pertinent to Sendmail and I'm too much of a newbie to be
able to  do it without instructions...)



Bruce Timothy Keith
Publishing & Communications
"Once more unto the breach dear friends..."
101 Bellerose Drive
St.Albert, Alberta Canada
T8N 8N8

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