[Mailman-Users] Make sure that only our newsletter can be delivered to a mailing-list that is not moderated

Jacob Friis Larsen jfl at list.idg.dk
Fri Aug 27 16:32:18 CEST 2004

>>>>  How can we secure our list server?
>     That would be a very real risk.  One thing you could do is make the 
> Mailman server sit behind a firewall, and accept incoming connections 
> only from your local network.  This would mean that someone would have 
> to be able to get access to one of your internal machines in order to 
> send out stuff as your process, in addition to spoofing the address.

And if users need access to the -request address I could route them from 
another server.

Or couldn't I just disable the list address and let the script post 
newsletters via inject?

Best regards,

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