[Mailman-Users] Some members not getting mail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Aug 30 07:09:22 CEST 2004

Judy Petersen wrote:

>We have some members who suddenly don't get our mail
>anymore. We are a 'sharing' list so there are many emails every day.
>We have them contact their ISP and troubleshoot. We help them check the
>settings in their email program. Sometimes we just unsub them and then resub
>and for a few that fixes the problem. However, there are some whose problem
>never seems to get solved but they can get the digest and they learn to live
>with that.
>However, one of those subscribers is me! I've not been able to get mail for
>several months and depend totally on the digest. I actually got working
>again 2-3 times by unsub/resubbing but now that doesn't work anymore.
>Needless to say, it doesn't make me a very 'johnny on the spot' listkeeper!!
>Does anyone have suggestions for straightening out these stubborn accounts?
>Is there a "trouble-shooting the setup of individuals" list floating around
>somewhere that might help or give me some more ideas of things to look for
>or try?

I wrote the following in response to your earlier post:

 Regarding your prior problem of certain users not receiving, if their
 subs are in order and they are not set to "nomail" and mail is not
 bouncing (ideally, you can see the "bounce" log, but if you have the
 list set to process bounces and to send unrecognized bounces to you,
 people who are bouncing whose bounces you don't see will sooner or
 later be disabled), then the list mail is most likely being caught in
 a spam filter somewhere.

If you have access to the mailman logs, you should be able to determine
from the smtp log if the expected number of posts are being sent. If
they are, then the above paragraph applies, but here are some other
thoughts too (in no particular order).

Make sure the user's (your) delivery is enabled, not disabled by user,
bounce or admin.

Do your lists posts normally contain attachments? If so, individual
messages are sent with the attachments, but digests are sent with
links to the attachments. This might account for digests working and
messages not.

Does your list have an archive? If so, you can see posts in the archive
more or less as they arrive without waiting for a digest.

Has your list ever had Topics defined? If so, and if a user has ever
subscribed to a topic, they can still be not receiving unmatched
topics, even if topics are no longer defined. This might explain why
unsub/resub fixes the problem.

Unsub/resub fixing the problem for a while but not permanently sounds
like bounce disables.

You have a comcast.net address. can you receive mail addressed to you
@attbi.com? If so, try subscribing that address too and see if it gets

The fact that you stopped receiving messages, but then could receive
messages again by unsub/resub, and this worked 2-3 times but not any
more, but you can receive digests suggests to me that something is
very wrong with your Mailman installation. I have no idea what that
could be, but at a minimum, I'd want to see the Mailman bounce, error,
post and smtp logs, and maybe the MTA logs too.

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