[Mailman-Users] Using python format strings

Christian Schoepplein chris at schoeppi.net
Tue Aug 31 17:46:46 CEST 2004


I want to customize our mailman installation (2.1.5) and need to edit 
the languange templates for that.

I've read the docu how to use the python format strings but especialy 
the %(host_name)s string does not work in every template. I want to use 
%(host_name)s in the verify.txt template, but the format string is not 
translated into the hostname. On the other site %(host_name)s works fine 
for example in subscribeack.txt.

Can't I use evry python format string in evry template? Is this problem 
known or is it a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Also I saw the format string %(hostname)s in some templates, for example 
in subauth.txt (English or German). I tryed this also with verify.txt 
but it doesn't work too. Whats the different between both python format 
strings and are both correct? Witch format string shall I use?
betweenn %(hostname)s and %(host_name)s?

Can someone help me out of this format string confusion?


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