[Mailman-Users] Custom header

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Tue Aug 31 20:38:36 CEST 2004

At 10:06 AM +0200 31/8/04, Brad Knowles wrote:
>At 12:42 PM +0800 2004-08-31, David Cake wrote:
>>  	I guess my questions really is 'do the existing per-list
>>  customisation options include any way of changes to the mail headers
>>  beyond what is already accessible from the GUI?'
>	You can change the templates, but I don't recall off the top 
>of my head whether that allows you to change the headers used within 
>the message.  I don't think it does, but I might be wrong.

	It doesn't look like it does, all the template files are html 
or mail body text files that I can see.

>	To change the templates, you'll need to have command-line 
>access to the server.  Modifying these is not possible from the web 
>admin interface.

	Doesn't editing the public html files basically change the 
per list templates? And thats accessible from the web interface.

>>  	I did. It told me mailman wasn't a CRM and I shouldn't expect to do
>>  any customisation on an individual message basis (apart from VERP) which
>>  I was already pretty clear on. I don't want complex per user customisation
>>  (which the FAQ entry was pretty clear I wouldn't get), I want simple per
>>  list customisation (which the FAQ entry left me a bit unsure about).
>	Then the FAQ entry must have left you with an incorrect 
>impression, because through modifying the templates, you can make 
>changes to the message bodies, and that can be done on a per-list 
>basis.  Moreover, those message bodies are capable of using variable 
>substitution field names on a per-user basis.  This is how we create 
>the footers on some mailing lists that will have a link direct to 
>your user login page for the list in question.

	What we have here is a disagreement about what constitutes simple.
	Adding a custom header has been simple on some other mailing 
list managers I have used (smartlist, for example). And as you point 
out, there is quite a bit of per list customisation of message body 
possible with mailman. Just very little header customisation, 

>	But there are limits to what you can do.  That is the key 
>impression that I had hoped to leave with the FAQ entries on this 

	Indeed. It appears I've hit one.

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