[Mailman-Users] Using python format strings

Christian Schoepplein chris at schoeppi.net
Tue Aug 31 22:23:32 CEST 2004


On Di, Aug 31, 2004 at 08:32:07 +0200, Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 5:46 PM +0200 2004-08-31, Christian Schoepplein wrote:
> > I've read the docu how to use the python format strings but especialy
> > the %(host_name)s string does not work in every template. I want to use
> > %(host_name)s in the verify.txt template, but the format string is not
> > translated into the hostname. On the other site %(host_name)s works fine
> > for example in subscribeack.txt.
> 	Hmm.  Do you have full personalization turned on?  Are you 
> configured to VERP every message?

Yes, all that things are working fine. And I've also found the reason 
for the missing %(host_name)s format string for the file verify.txt. In 
the file


some template files get initialized with the format strings, that can be 
used inside the template files. For verify.txt the %(host_name)s format 
string was not set up as a property :-(.

I wonder wy all often used format strings aren't availabel for all 
template files. In my opinion this would be a nice feature for the next 
release or a bugfix or what ever. What can I do to make sure, that this 
is changed for the next mailman release?


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