[Mailman-Users] I am new and have a problem

Chuck Sampair bus at prayrosary.com
Wed Dec 1 00:30:22 CET 2004


I am brand new to the list and also new at using the mailman service.  I
changed web host providers recently and my new host provider offers mailing
lists using the mailman program.

I set my list up and everything was working fine.  Then about 3 days ago I
sent a post through and it did not go through.  Every sense then I can not
get a post to go through or even receive confirmation e-mail when I
subscribe a new person to the list.

I went through the FAQs and I can't find anything that would help me.  A lot
of it is over my head as I am just a list administrator/moderator.

Can someone help me figure this out?



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