[Mailman-Users] discard messages to 'mailman' list

arjen van drie arjen-mailman at 3va.net
Wed Dec 1 10:15:06 CET 2004

Jim Tittsler wrote:

> arjen van drie wrote:
>> how can I discard messages that were posted to the 'mailman' list? 
>> When I visit the URL in the message with subject "30 Mailman 
>> moderator request(s) waiting", which ends in
> You may want to at least glance through the messages in there, since 
> that is where users send messages when they are having trouble with 
> the server.  (Or set it so that messages from non-members are not 
> held, but accepted.)
>> /mailman/admindb/mailman, I'm being redirected to the listinfo page. 
>> Is there a command line tool for this?
> It sounds like you have an Apache rewrite rule that is matching too 
> generously.  If you want to use a rewrite rule to redirect visitors to 
> http://www.example.com/mailman on to the listinfo page, make sure it 
> doesn't also match /mailman/admindb/mailman.  Try something like:
> RedirectMatch ^/mailman[/]*$ http://www.example.com/mailman/listinfo

Of course, I never thought of this, I was looking at mailman internals, 
not at the webserver that handles the URLs. Thanks a lot, it works now.


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