[Mailman-Users] list users not getting mail

Jeff Garvas jeff at cia.net
Mon Dec 6 23:01:31 CET 2004

I'm running Version 2.1.5 in a qmail environment.  I recently had to deal
with a spam issue (another device on the same segment as me was running
an open proxy and that machine was permitted to relay through me)

Once I solved that one of my larger mailing lists started generating
complaints of users not getting messages from the list anymore.

I ran bin/lists_members --nomail and can not find anyone who was shut
off due to bounces.  (I'm running VERP to help clean the list properly).

People subscribed to the list are simply not getting messages.  Further
investigation shows that they're not blocking SMTP from our server.

Can anyone advise me as to why this is happening and how I can fix these
users so that they get mail again?



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