[Mailman-Users] Location of Bounce Messages

David Morris revdave at gomorris.net
Tue Dec 7 00:45:07 CET 2004

I have not been able to find this question in a search of the archives or
the FAQ.

Where would the actual bounce messages be stored?

I have a user (my Aunt) that recieved the bounce probe message and emailed
me that they were wondering why they hadn't been getting messages from the
list (digest version running about every 3-4 days). The probe message made
it through, but she is still not receiving the messages. I can see in the
bounce log where her bounce score increases, but I want to actually see the
message that comes from her isp to see what they are saying about her.

I am sure it is because of something her isp has done (over-zealous and
clueless spam protection is my guess), but I want to be able to see that and
give her information that will help her in talking with her isp.

I can't find any help in the mail log either. I was able to see where the
bounce message came back, but that is it.

Is there some place where the original bounce message is stored for a time?
Or is there a way I can "listen in" on the bounce processing to maybe see
what those messages are saying. Or do I need to turn off automatic bounce
processing for a time until this is figured out.

I am running mailman 2.1.5 (compiled from sources) on debian with Exim4 as
the MTA.

Rev David Morris
GentleWare Studios
Dayton, IA 

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